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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra

GD Coordinates:

Latitude: 41.50517706741173

Longitude: 2.0984047651290894

GMS Coordinates:

Latitude: 41º 30′ 18,637″

Longitude: 2º 5′ 54,257″

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Tel: 93 467 40 40 +EXT.1708
Fax: 93 581 44 90

Revisa aquest camp

Revisa aquest camp

Revisa aquest camp

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  • Level 2 biosecurity labs (717 sq. m.)
  • Biocontention Unit: Biosecurity level 3. It has different labs and an animal facility to allocate mainly slaughter animals (swines, birds, calfs, sheep, goats and rabbits), wild animals and lab animals. 

Research at CReSA