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Bernat Pérez de Val

POSITION: Researcher in the Animal health program (Endemic diseases subprogram)

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Professional information:

· ORCID: 0000-0003-3127-9182

I have carried out my research on animal tuberculosis (TB) at IRTA-CReSA from 2006 to date, participating in a number of National and European competitive research projects as well as in research contracts with companies or other research institutes on this topic. In particular, those related in the development of new diagnostic tools, vaccines and immunostimulatory compounds against TB. I have also carried out various training courses and technology transfer events to professionals from the agrifood sector or undergraduate students, being also advisor of postgraduate students. I am also involved in commissioned tasks by the Spanish and Catalan governments concerning research, scientific advice to public authorities, design and development of studies and analysis of TB outbreaks in livestock and wildlife. I have participated in surveillance programs elaboration and follow-up, such as the Catalan eradication programs of bovine (since 2007) and caprine (since 2012) TB, and the Catalan wildlife health surveillance plan (since 2012).

Extended curriculum: