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Ribas Agusti, Albert

POSITION: Researcher PROGRAMME: Food Safety and Functionality
PHONE / EXTENSION: +34 972 63 00 52 / 1446

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Professional information:

Web of Science Researcher ID: F-4698-2016




Albert Ribas-Agustí has a degree in Biology (2003), Food Science and Technology (2007) and PhD in Food Technology (2013) from the University of Girona. He has worked as a researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium), INRA (France) and the University of Lleida, and is currently a researcher at the IRTA Functionality and Food Safety Program in Monells (Girona), where he works in research activities, contracts with companies and in national and international projects. He has significant scientific experience in the effect of thermal and non-thermal treatments on the structure, quality and functional value of food, as well as in the recovery of animal and plant products and by-products for the extraction of bioactive compounds.