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Open pre-doc positions for AEI research projects

Are you a researcher in training and want to work on your doctoral thesis in a renowned research institution?

We are looking for candidates for the following projects. If you are interested in any of them, you only have to contact with the people in charge, through the e-mail address provided. The deadline for submitting your application is 27 October 2020.

Spanish State Research Agency projects:

  • Functionality and effect of the nasal microbiota on the immune response of piglets
    PIs: Virginia Aragón ( and Flor Correa (
  • Sustainable practices for the control of thrips and aphids in stone and pip fruit trees
    PI: Judit Arnó (
  • African swine fever: from emergency to avoiding endemism
    PIs: Fernando Rodriguez ( and José Ignacio Núñez (
  • Space-time dynamics of microalgae producing ciguatoxins in marine ecosystems and transfer of ciguatoxins through the food web (CIGUATROFIC)
    PI: Jorge Diogene (
  • Improvement of precision and efficiency in the selection of complex traits in the wheat breeding in Mediterranean environments through assisted and genomic selection
    PIs: José Miguel Soriano ( i Conxita Royo (
  • Effect of different agronomic parameters on the dynamics of calcium absorption in peach trees through the use of the stable isotope 44-Ca
    PI: Josep Rufat (
  • Welfare assessment at the slaughterhouse
    PI: Antoni Velarde (

For more information on the funding programme, you can visit the website of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: Aid for pre-doc contracts for the training of doctors 2020.