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Two IRTA researchers, selected to form part of the EIP-AGRI focus groups

Two IRTA researchers have been selected by the European Commission to form part of the focus groups of the European Innovation Partnership / Agriculture (EIP-AGRI)

Firstly, Marta Cerdá, from the Animal Health Programme, has been selected for the focal group on reducing the use of antimicrobials in poultry farming. Secondly, Montserrat Núñez, a researcher from the Organic Waste Integral Management Programme, is the expert who will join the soil salinisation group.

The EIP is the European Commission’s mechanism which has promoted, among other initiatives, the creation and financing of innovative projects within the agricultural scope of the regional and national operative groups, an area in which the IRTA has been very actively involved.

Producers, advisers, scientists and other agents from the sector with knowledge and experience of the above topics were invited to the last Focus Group call, for which the IRTA submitted profiles in three of the five groups.

What is a focus group?

The purpose of a focus group is to explore innovative and practical solutions to problems and opportunities and to capitalise on and share experiences gained from relevant projects. The group analyses and documents the research results as well as the implications for future activities that may help to solve practical problems within the sector.

These problems may be related to production, transformation, consumption, transport and other fields. The group is asked to focus on practical knowledge, dissemination throughout the sector and the development of project ideas for operational groups.