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The sixth edition of the ‘International Course in Dry Cured Meat Products’ has kept the high level of satisfaction.

The sixth edition of the International Course in Dry Cured Meat Products was held at IRTA centre in Monells, Girona, Spain from May, 28 to June 1, 2018. The course, conducted in English, was attended by 20 professionals from 12 different countries, with a varied profile, including staff from departments of Production, Quality, R & D and sales of meat companies and related (service, ingredients and distribution), covering both SMEs, large and multinational companies.

The course was characterized by an important focus on practical training (40 % of the classes were held at the pilot plant) and on the reality of the meat industry. The teaching staff, consisting of IRTA members and specialists from other companies, has provided a comprehensive review of all aspects related to the manufacture of fermented sausages and dry-cured ham, including the latest developments in processing technologies and an overview of industrial trends.

More than thirty different dry cured meat products were manufactured during the course, so the attendees could have examples of various types of products and technologies found in different areas of the world.

As this year the highlighted topic was The microbiological safety of dry cured meat products, prior to the course 20 different dry cured meat products were manufactured at IRTA with different strategies to improve their safety. The attendees had the opportunity to evaluate the finished products in one of the classes.

Despite the tight schedule of the course (37,5 hours for classes), there was also time for social events such as a guided walking tour through the old city of Girona and for enjoying the nice surroundings of the Costa Brava.

The 6th edition of the International Course in Dry Cured Meat Products has maintained the high level of satisfaction, as reflected in the fact that 100% of students have stated that they would recommend the course. You can see the statements of the students in this following video: