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Plant material evaluation trials

  • Agronomic trials.
  • Determination of biomass, grain yield and yield components.
  • Determination of grain quality (yield in mill, biometry, pearling, whiteness level of rice).
  • Morphological and phenological monitoring and assessment of the plant material.
  • Evaluation of the response/reaction to pests, plant diseases and common vegetative accidents.

Fertilization trials

  • Design and carrying out fertilization field trials.
  • Application of different fertilization treatments.
  • Monitoring and assessment of crop vegetative quality indicators (chlorophyll intensity, biomass, etc.).
  • Evaluation of crop productivity and yield components.

Phytosanitary products trials

  • Designing and carrying out of field trials.
  • Application (Sprying) of products.
  • Assessment of efficiency and phytotoxicity.
  • Assessment of the crop yield and other variables.

Transfer services

  • Surveys application to the farm sector.
  • Trials results transfer.
  • Introduction of new technologies (technology showcase).

Revisa aquest camp

Revisa aquest camp

Revisa aquest camp

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