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The IRTA Rabbit Unit works closely with the industry by providing knowledge, technology and solutions for producers, associations and companies.

They dispose of two specialized lines of rabbits, one selected for prolificity (since 1992) and the other selected by growth and feed conversion rate (since 1983).


Main lines of research

  • Development and application of models and methods of analysis for breeding of prolific species for productive and adaptation characteristics.
  • Optimization of programs for genetic selection and dissemination in meat rabbit. Foundation and improvement of specialized lines.
  • Improvement of the efficiency in the use of bucks and in the artificial insemination procedures.
  • Establishment of a rabbit embryo bank with health guarantee.


  • Advice, management and technical direction of rabbits breeding programs for farmers and breeding companies.
  • Advice on male management and dose preparation in artificial insemination centers.
  • Production and supply of bucks and artificial insemination doses from a sire line selected for growth and feed conversion rate.
  • Production and supply of grandmothers from a dam line selected for litter size at weaning.


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