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Insects and mites for biological control: production and quality control

The use of biological pest control has increased in many crops due to the growing social demand for reducing pesticides impact on the environment and on consumer’s health. In many cases, the biological control programs are based on the releases of natural enemies, parasitoids and/or predators, which have been mass produced in insectaries. The quality of these natural enemies has to be optimal to allow their development under field conditions in commercial crops. In addition, their production has to be economically feasible.

We offer a service that may be of interest to companies, cooperatives and farmers associations that wish to implement and improve the mass production of predators and parasitoids for use in pest control programs. Also, it will be useful for those who wish to assess the quality of mass produced arthropods both in the production sites and in the releasing spots points.

We have the facilities (climatic chambers, specific equipment, etc.) for conducting laboratory assays and tests to go from a laboratory to a commercial mass raring facility.


›› Consultancy for the mass production process of insects and mites, adaptation and simplification of rearing protocols. 
›› Setting up rearing procedures for pests, and predator and parasitoid. Selection of the optimal ovipostion substrate, evaluation of different food sources, etc. aiming to improve the quality of mass produced natural enemies and optimizes inputs. 
›› Scale up from laboratory to mass rearing units. 
›› Quality control of acquired mass produced insects and mites.


Companies, cooperatives and farmers associations: 
›› That are currently or willing to mass produce predators and/or parasitoids and wish to develop new rearing protocols or improve the existing ones. 
›› That want to conduct quality controls of their mass produced natural enemies. 
›› That wish to check the quality of purchased natural enemies (insects or mites).

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