Chief executive officer: Josep Usall

Scientific and Strategic Direction: Jordi Garcia Mas

Scientific Coordination Team: Jordi Garcia Mas, Sara Bover and Maria Devant

Coordinator of Strategic Development: Anna Palli

Head of Communication: Àngels Codina

Corporate Services Direction: Joan Manel Albacete

Director of Human Resources: Montse Satorra

Director of Administration and Finance: Jordi de la Cuesta

Head of Legal Services: Miquel Portals

Head of Information and Communication Technologies: Josep Solé

Research and Innovation Development Direction: Simó Alegre

Coordinator of Valorisation and Strategic Projects: Agustí Fonts

Area Manager of the Animal Productor area: Carles Rosell

Area Manager of the Plant Production area: Simó Alegre (Deputy Area Manager: Rosa Altisent)

Area Manager of the Food Industries Area: Joan Manel Albacete (Deputy Area Manager: Sònia Xuclà)

Institutional Relations and Technological Transfer Direction: Rosa Cubel