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IRTA hosts the Coworking Lab session of the Food for Growth Project

The Coworking Lab session of the Food for Growth project took place at the IRTA Centre in Monells on March 21st. In addition to IRTA, representatives of other project partners, such as Cofindustria, Osservatorio Permanente sui Giovani e l’Alcool and Casa Mas, as well as a journalist specializing in food and a representative of a consumer association also participated in the event.

The event, led by Daniele Rossi of Cofindustria (coordinator of Food for Growth), was focused on the discussion of two different communication plans for a novel product recently launched on the market by the company Casa Mas. The novelty consists of a fresh gazpacho in a plastic bottle format treated by high isostatic pressure, a treatment that enable the extension of the product shelf life without the need for preservatives nor subjecting it to a thermal treatment, which would change the characteristics of this fresh product.

The communication plans were exposed by the respective authors, this is, on the one hand a group of IRTA technicians and on the other a group of students of the High School Institut Montelivi, of Girona. Subsequently, the plans were commented by the rest of the participants of the session, who made contributions based on their own experience.

Based on the observations made by the representative of the consumer association, it was evident the need for the consumer to learn about the High Pressure technology prior to the purchase process. For this reason, and in the opinion of the participating journalist, the communication plans should include the generation of a news item in the media referring to the novelty. Therefore, the work of journalists can help the acceptance of new technologies in food products.

The coworking lab session served as an example of application, in a real environment, of the contents of the course that the students and technicians had previously followed through the project website ( This course, based on the Flipped Classroom training system, has been developed by the Food for Growth partners and represents the main expected result of the project.

The Food for Growth project is an Erasmus + Key Action 2 Project: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, whose objective is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the food and beverage industry through the training of communication technicians and responsibility in the management of innovation in the agri-food sector.