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IRTA and Familia Torres launch the “Vitis Agrolab” project to promote innovation in viticulture

IRTA and Familia Torres are starting up the Vitis Agrolab project to promote innovation in the viticulture sector in the fight against climate change. The two organisations will work together on an experimental farm located in Juneda, in the province of Lleida. They will test and validate new technologies and innovative products which may help winegrowers become more sustainable and efficient.

This agreement was formalised by Josep Maria Monfort, Managing Director of IRTA, and Mireia Torres, Director of Innovation and Research at Familia Torres, through the signing of a partnership contract for a period of three years, which will promote scientific and technical relations and the transfer of knowledge between the institute and the winery.

The experimental vineyard assigned to the Vitis Agrolab project is owned by Familia Torres and covers an area totalling a​ 4 hectares, which could be expanded. The tests carried out will, for example, provide results of fruit yields and quality, depending on the different strain conduction systems and irrigation strategies, and will measure hydric stress on the plants by means of the application of technologies geared towards precision viticulture.

The partnership also envisages the establishment of a monitoring committee, formed by of IRTA and Familia Torres members. The scientific discoveries resulting from this project will mean decisions can be made in viticulture sector in relation to climate change, undoubtedly the greatest challenge currently facing the wine sector.