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Good and best practices for transport of livestock with the videos of the Animal Transport Guides project


Thanks to the Animal Transport Guides project, workers in the livestock sector can have a guide of good and best practices for the transport of livestock. Recently they have published videos where you can see the key points of this guide in a simple and understandable way, and with subtitles in 8 languages. You can watch the video (in English) right here:


Or this one, with best practices in poultry transport:



This video belongs to the Animal transport guides project. This project, funded by the European Commission, aims to improve animal welfare around transport. The project will develop and disseminate Guides to Good and Better Practice for animals transported within Europe and to third countries for slaughter, fattening and breeding. Guides will be developed for cattle, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep transport. The project started in May 2015 and will finish by the end of 2018.