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FUPEBRO: Operative Group to develop fire blight prediction models


In our country, about 21,000 hectares are dedicated to the production of pear, highlighting the Ebro Valley, where 87% of the production is obtained.

The fire blight is a disease that affects the pear tree, in addition to the apple tree, medlar tree and the quince tree, among the fruit species. It is a very serious disease, because it spreads very quickly and there is no treatment, and of which the pear tree is the most sensitive species, being able to cause the death of the plant.

The main objective of FUPEBRO is the development of a collaborative tool for crop monitoring that allows the fruit sector to better prevent and control fire blight, to minimize the economic losses it causes to the sector.

In Spain, the use of risk prediction systems by producers is timely, there being no coordination between producers in the same area and, much less, between producers in different regions.

In order to improve this situation, the FUPEBRO Operational Group has been created, which aims to develop a methodology based on precision agriculture and ICTs that will allow the monitoring of the Ebro Valley crops in a coordinated manner. With it you can establish a prediction of the risk of fire blight in crops and based on valid models for each area.