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Forum Carni will deal with the meat analogues and the cultivated meat

Under the slogan “To meat or not to meat”, the cases of success, challenges and opportunities for alternatives to traditional beef will be addressed.

The growing demand for alternative products to meat by consumers has been collected by the food industry itself and has allowed the birth of new companies that aim to offer innovative products on the market.

The proposals that exist nowadays as alternatives to the traditional meat are basically of two types: the meat analogues on the basis of vegetal protein (already present in the market) and, in the future to explore, the cultivated meat.

In this regard, the next Forum Carni, which will be held on November 6 in the Auditorium of the Palau de Congressos in Girona and which will be co-organized by Interempresas and IRTA, will focus on these thematic issues. The Forum Carni is designed with and for the meat sector, for this reason, within the Advisory Committee is PIMEC, AMEC, FECIC, ANAFRIC and INNOVACC.

To address the issue of meat analogues based on plant substitutes, the Forum Carni will have, in a first block, the participation of experts such as Marc Coloma (CEO of Foods for Tomorrow), Jaume Panella (Director of ” I + D in Noel Alimentaria) and José Luis Hernández (Product Manager of Bormarket, European distributor of Beyond Meat).

In the second block of the Forum Carni, which will deal with the issue of cultivated meat, the invited speakers will explain how it is obtained, its advantages and future perspectives, among others. For this, it will be attended by Peter Verstrate (COO of Meuse Meat), which will speak in English, Mercedes Vila (CEO of Biotech Foods) and Raquel Revilla (Co-Founder and CSO Cubiq Foods).

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