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Call for postdoctoral researchers

The Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) is opening 5 postdoctoral positions in theses areas of research:

  • Animal welfare at slaughter
  • Improving ecotoxicity indicators via inclusion of soil quality and pollinators for decision support in agricultural production
  • Avian Influenza: unravelling host-pathogen interaction
  • Improving Biological Control of pests
  • Control of postharvest diseases using biological control and biostimulants on fruits and vegetables
  • Applying Genomics to Plant Research
  • Development of plant-based powdered beverages

How to apply?

Contact via e-mail the researcher responsible for the topic of your interest from the list above including your CV and a motivation letter. The researcher will evaluate the candidates interested and will invite a candidate to submit a research proposal to the Scientific Committee of IRTA and the best 5 proposals among the different topics will be granted a postdoctoral position.
– Deadline for submitting your interest: 25th of March 2022
– Deadline for submitting the application: 8th of April 2022

Terms of employment:

Full-time position for 2 years with an annual gross salary of 31,187.92€ (category F of IRTA’s salary scale). IRTA offers a rich environment for knowledge development and exchange where to develop a scientific career, and possibilities for professional promotion according to the attained achievements. More information can be found here.

Download the PDF for more information