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An IRTA study wins the Monte Nevado Award at the 5th Fatty Pig International Conference

The award is given to the most original study on applied research to improve the quality of pork meat in cured ham. It forms part of the Fatty Pig international conference, which this year held its 5th edition in Naha Okinawa (Japan).

The work, entitled “Non-destructive technologies in vivo and post mortem to evaluate ham’s characteristics from early and late immunocastrated Iberian pigs”, determines the effect of two different periods of immunocastration of Iberian pigs (first and late) on the state of fattening of the hams and its tissue composition by means of the use of ultrasounds in live animals and the computerized tomography in the hams.

It is signed by IRTA professionals Javier Garcia-Gudiño, Marina Gispert, Albert Brun, Isabel Blanco-Penedo and Maria Font Furnols.

The study is part of a work carried out by IRTA and the Centre for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura (CICYTEX), within the framework of the INIA project “New strategies and methodologies for nutrition, reproduction and efficiency of the system for the improvement of the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of high quality Iberian pig farms”.