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The first International Olive Oil Evaluation Course has finished

The first edition of the olive oil evaluation course, organized by IRTA, was held between 19 and 23 March 2018 with the aim of becoming a reference for producers, distributors and other professionals from the oil sector to study and assess the product that they work with.

The course was held at Món Sant Benet (Sant Fruitòs de Bages) with teaching staff made up of experts in the field. In this week, the students learned the different criteria for assessing the quality of olive oil, improved their tasting skills and learned to identify the main defects and parameters to consider when selling the product.

One of the features that the students appreciated most was the chance to taste over 130 samples of oils and identify the different attributes that make them attractive for the consumer.

The 22 participants in the first edition included professionals of the oil sector from more than 10 European countries, but also from Japan, Chile and the US. The diversity of profiles and origins of the students was another of the positive aspects of the course because it encouraged an exchange of very different views and experiences.


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