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Registration is now open for the International Olive Oil Evaluation Course

Between the 19th and 23rd March 2018, the IRTA will be hosting the Olive Oil Evaluation Course. The course teaches the skills expected of the industry with regard to the tasting, analysis and understanding of olive oil.

Extra-virgin olive oil is fast becoming more prevalent in the market, as not only is it considered healthy, but also a gourmet food product. It is imported to non-producing countries, but there are new producers as well. This means there is a broad-based need for information on quality control issues.

This training course focuses on critical quality assessment for commercial purposes. The aim is to sharpen one’s skills at detecting imitation oils and identifying label fraud, and highlighting the useful information required for the proper description of extra-virgin olive oil.

More than 130 different samples of olive oil are available for examination to get a better understanding of their more noteworthy attributes, how they relate to the origin of the sample and how they are perceived by the final consumer.

The course, given in English, combines tastings and theory with round-table discussions with those in attendance for comments and questions. National and international experts will also be taking part. Course attendees will have a set of reference samples made from the IRTA olive oil pilot production facility

In the course, participants will learn the main criteria for olive oil quality, the necessary skills for tasting, as well as identifying improperly labelled oil and interpreting sensory and chemical analysis bulletins for selling and marketing olive oil.

The course will be held at Món Sant Benet (Barcelona) and registration is now open.

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