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Trials of field crops


  • Experimental design and field trials in different environments and growing conditions.
  • Trials on the following field crops: winter cereals (wheat, barley, triticale, oats…), summer cereals (corn/maize, sorghum, rice…), protein crops (peas, beans…), oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseed…), fodder crops (alfalfa, ray-grass…), energy crops, etc.
  • Edition of field notebooks for control, monitoring and data registration.
  • Data recording across the crop season.
  • Statistical analysis and report preparation.

Plant material evaluation trials

  • Agronomic performance.
  • Grain and forage (biomass) yields.
  • Plant morphology and phenology.
  • Reaction to pests, diseases and other incidences.

Fertilization trials

  • Design and handling of fertilization experiments under field conditions.
  • Studies involving a diversity of mineral and organic fertilizing treatments (manure, purins, mud, etc.).
  • Evaluation of the nutritional status of the crop (chlorophyll and nutrient contents, etc.).
  • Yield and yield components.
  • Evaluation of the crop response to nitrogen fertilization.
  • Environmental impact of fertilization treatments.

Phytosanitary products trials

  • Design and management of field trials.
  • Product treatments.
  • Evaluation of efficiency and phytotoxicity.
  • Assessment of yield and related traits.

Mechanical planting and harvesting of micro-plots

  • Sowing and harvesting of micro-plots from 1 to 30 m2 with specific machinery for experimentation.
  • Sowing of spikes in head-rows.