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Oven and driyng technology




1. Cooking technology

  • Oven and microwave temperature on-line monitoring..
  • Pasteurization and sterilization methods.

2. Salting and ripening conditions according to raw material characteristics

  • Sodium reduction.
  • Sodium penetration and distribution (computerized tomography analysis).
  • Minimization of crusting.
  • Audit and optimization of Dryer Conditions (RH, T, air flow).

3. Improvement and Control of safety and sensorial attributes of dried meat and fish products

  • Starter Culture Design.
  • Biopreservation (against Listeria monocytogenes, S.aureus, Salmonella, E.coli, …).
  • Starter Culture Traceability (genetic probes, challenge testing).
  • Sensorial and consumer tests (see Flavour Analysis Sheet).

4. New technologies in drying/ripening

  • Quick Drying System®.
  • Dynamic Drier®.

5. Functional ingredients and additives

  • Testing of new ingredients and additives.

6. Active and intelligent packaging of cooked, dried foodstuffs; MAP optimization and shelf life determination

  • New materials and packaging systems.
  • Bioactive interliver® for sliced packaged products.

7. Product innovation and product improvement 

  • Technological problems resolution
  • Additive functionality improvement
  • Drying conditions improvement
  • Raw material standardization improvement
  • New additives and technologies application
  • Safety improvement

8. Pilot plant demonstration of processing equipment

9. Renting/leasing of fully equipped pilot plant to manufacture all types of vegetables, meat and fish products and ready meals

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Revisa aquest camp

Revisa aquest camp

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