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Cultivation techniques for species of interest and new aquaculture species


Development, fine tuning and improving the technology and methodology for the production of species of interest and new aquaculture species of fish, molluscs and crustaceans, both fresh water and marine. Specifically aimed at the farming industry and administrations with programs to restocking of valuable species.


  • Fine tuning of the control of reproduction to ensure the production of good quality eggs.
  • Fine tuning of live feed production protocols appropriate for each species: needs and biochemical profil·les.
  • Larval culture protocols and quality analysis: deformities and pigmentation.
  • Design and test diets of pre-ongrowing and ongrowing.
  • Design and implementation of comprehensive health management programs.


  • Improved processes for the culture of species of interest.
  • Fine tuning of the culture of new aquaculture species.
  • Restocking programs.
  • Increased production efficiency and production improvements.
  • Management of production processes.
  • Training of technicians and professionals in aquaculture.

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