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Technological Watch Service: Strategic information service in the agro food sector

IRTA has a professional team specialized in intellectual property rights and technology watch as well as the obtainment of strategic information. We also have access to commercial and technical databases and data analysis tools.

By combining these resources with the knowledge and business oriented expertise of our researchers, we can provide a flexible and customized service for the companies of the agro-food industrial sector.


How can we help you?

We are often overloaded with information and it is difficult to identify the key factors in the decision making process.

Is our idea really innovative?

Can we protect the invention (technology, process, product…) that we are working in?

Are there already any patents related to my invention?

We analyze the available information about patents, scientific papers and other sources of information to find an answer to these questions.

Who are our clients, competitors or potential allies?

To what marketplace or countries can we export?

What are the main market trends of our sector?


We identify competitors, potential clients and products, and we make a characterization of your target markets (exports, imports, sales, etc.) and we study the state of the technology (emerging, growing, mature).

How can we follow up technology trends?

How can we detect our competitors?

How can we anticipate new opportunities?


We analyse relevant information and news according to your needs, either punctually or on a regular basis, and we can provide you with a tailored assessment of the best use of available information resources and surveillance tools.