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Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

IRTA offers its IRTAmar™ recirculation system as a model for aquaculture research through the company INGESOM. (

IRTAmar™ is a multifunctional and automated recirculation and water treatment system for use in aquaculture research, production and aquariums. It is specifically designed to cover a wide spectrum of possibilities with a single unit, It has as it´s main characteristic versatility, reliability and traceability.

  • IRTAmar™ covers all customer needs with the know-how and design of IRTA.
  • Both for the cultivation of fish, crustaceans and bivalves in all its stages: larvae, alevins and broodstock.
  • Monitoring includes, control and recording of parameters such as flow-rate, oxygen level, temperature, salinity, pH, diet, photoperiod, RedOx potential, etc.
  • You can view and modify the parameters of cultivation of the fish tanks via internet and with a simple SMS on your mobile will be constantly informed of the operation of your RAS.
  • Accredited by more than 10 years of research and continuous technological improvements at IRTA.
  • We have already made the patent application for IRTAmar™.
  • For further information contact:
  • IRTAmar™ cobreix totes les necessitats del client amb el know-how i el disseny de l’IRTA.
  • Tant per al cultiu de peixos, crustacis i bivalves en totes les seves fases: larves, alevins i reproductors.
  • Inclou el seguiment, control i registre de paràmetres com: cabal, nivell d’oxigen, temperatura, salinitat, pH, alimentació, fotoperíode, potencial RedOx, etc.
  • Podrà visualitzar i modificar els paràmetres de cultiu dels seus tancs de peixos vía internet i amb un simple SMS al seu mòbil estarà permanentment informat del bon funcionament del seu equip.
  • Acreditat per més de 10 anys de recerca i millores tecnològiques continuades en l’IRTA.
  • Ja s’ha realitzat la sol·licitud de patent de IRTAmar™.

Per a sol·licitar més informació contacti amb:
T. +34 964 38 75 19


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