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Foodstuffs technologic quality prediction


1. Physical parameters for raw material quality prediction:

  • Conductivity, pH, multi-frequency, impedance, water holding capacity, colour, intramuscular fat, texture, NIRS, RMN, etc.
  • Development of On-line non invasive probes.
  • Calibration and threshold determination of probe lectures depending on the food matrix.
  • Evaluation of sensors and biosensors.

2. Muscle biochemical characteristics related to meat and fish quality

  • Pigment content, glycolitic and oxidative enzymes.
  • Water Holding Capacity (WHC)
  • Structural proteins and lipids

3. Proteomes:

  • Protein identification related to gene expression under different production conditions and treatments.

4. Enzyme analysis:

  • Proteases, lipases, oxidative and antioxidative enzymes, plasmatic enzymes (LDH, ICOH).

5. Lipids:

  • Triglycerides and membrane lipids related to food structure.

6. Sensorial characterization:

  • Raw materials and packaged foodstuffs related to genetics, nutrition, cultivation conditions, ante and post mortem treatments, post harvest conditions, etc..

7. Shelf life studies of foodstuffs



  • Characterization of organic food attributes.
  • Robotics applied to on-line food quality selection and classification by multi sensor system.
  • On-line probes for raw material composition detection (lean and fat) before or during the mixing process®.
  • Effects of antibiotics in gene expression and proteomes: Effect of breeding and food production on proteome characteristics.
  • Study of lipids and proteins related to the breeding and animal nutrition to improve the safety and sensorial quality of the product.