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Oceanografic boat service

The Oceanographic Boat Service of IRTA has been created to support all those internal research teams or other institutions or companies, who need to make observations in the Delta del Ebro and its coastal zone, for sampling, testing, site studies facility, installation or dismantling of installations at sea. 

The Service covers with agility and flexibility, research and/or transfer needs in coastal areas, where larger boats have restricted access.



  • Boat of 8.5m in length and beam of 2.72, diesel engine (Yanmar) 240hp and large deck for loading of equipment and appliances.
  • Fbreglass boat 5m in length, engine 50hp. ›› Zodiac boat of 4.80m in length, engine 50hp.
  • Duarry boat of 4.00m in length, engine 30hp.

IRTA Equipment


  • VHF radiotelephone.
  • GPS and probe.
  • Foruno Radar.
  • Compass.
  • Grinder for the anchor and winch.
  • Duarry auxiliary boat with an engine of 30hp.


  • Hydraulic crane plus electric winch with 50m inox cable of 4mm.
  • NISKIN bottles of 5 l, with messengers.
  • Generator portable 220v.
  • Converter of 12v to 220v.
  • Laptop Computer of support to the CTD, OUTLINER, etc.
  • Pumps of water extraction of fund.
  • Probes YSI (salt, Temp, Oxi and PH).

Conditions of use

  • The boats are rented with skipper.
  • Technician and crew are optional.
  • To formalize the use of boats, the specific IRTA regulations will be followed.