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Nutrition of fish, crustaceans and molluscs

IRTA offers comprehensive solutions to solve problems related to nutrition of fish, molluscs and crustaceans, both freshwater and marine species. Solutions are specifically targeted for companies producing additives, probiotics, subproducts from human and animal nutrition, feed manufacturers and ongrowing operations.




    • Growth trials to test the effectiveness of new ingredients, additives and specially formulated feeds.


    • Studies and trials for the registration of new products and nutritional additives: tolerance and efficacy.


    • Studies of stability and persistence of medicines, additives and other products. Challenge tests.


    • Optimization of larval processes, formulation of microdiets.


  • Fabrication of experimental feeds for R & D testing, new aquaculture species, pilot scale trails on farms, cages and research centres.




    • Food safety for consumers.


    • Effects of nutrition on growth and economic efficiency of new nutritional products.


    • Effects of nutrition on health and animal welfare.


  • Effects of nutrition on the nutritional, sensory, and health characteristics of farmed fish and fish products.

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