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Monogastric nutrition

Our objective is to offer solutions to nutritional problems and it’s aimed to additives and by-products producers, animal and human nutrition companies, livestock and poultry feed manufacturers, meat and eggs production and processing companies and to food safety authorities and agencies.


  • Development of new products and nutritional additives.
  • Studies and tests for the registration of new additives.
  • Evaluation of commercial applications of new additives.
  • Feed manufacturing for studies and research trials.
  • Stability studies on pharmaceuticals, additives and other products.
  • Experimental feed mill.
  • Experimental pig farms: closed-cycle farms, nursery and fattening units.
  • Experimental farms for chickens, hens, turkeys and other minor species.
  • Lab specializing in:
    • Analysis of the digestibility and nutritional value in vitro and in vivo of raw materials and feeds.
    • Identification of feed components such as enzymes, pigments, vitamins, synthetic amino acids, digestibility tracers, etc.
    • HPLC and GC chromatography methods for the identification of amino acids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, etc.


  • Food safety for the consumers.
  • Effects of nutrition on health and animal welfare.
  • Effects of nutrition on the environment in intensive production.
  • Effects of nutrition on the health, nutritional and sensory qualities of meat and eggs. Functionality of the meat and eggs.
  • Use and characterization of new ingredients.
  • Liquid feeding for pigs and use of by-products.