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Mycorrhizal Assessment

The non sustainable use of chemical pesticides has increased the search of biotechnological products for agricultural systems more environmentally friendly. Mycorrhizal fungi are considered as an alternative to improve plant protection, plant growth and plant resistance to abiotic and biotic stress.

Mycorrhizal research has been focused on sustainable management of agricultural soils, restoration of degraded soils, increasing plant tolerance to pathogens, traceability of edible ectomycorrhizal fungi, and transferring the mycorrhizal inoculum production technology.

IRTA offers this service to inoculum producers who need quality control for their products, agrochemical industries interested in new formulations that include mycorrhizal fungi, nurseries willing to improve their plants value and growers cultivating black truffle and other edible fungi (Lactarius, Boletus, etc.) that need to assess the fungus establishment in field plantations. Equipped laboratories, greenhouses and outdoor plots are available for evaluation trials.


Verification and optimization of mycorrhizal status in ecto and endomycorrhizal fungi: Evaluation of mycorrhiza in soils and plant roots.

Formulation of mycorrhizal inocula: Development and evaluation of new formulations.

Mycorrhizal traceability through morphological characteristics and molecular tools.


  • Quality control of commercial mycorrhizal inocula.
  • Development of new formulated products including mycorrhizal fungi.
  • Traceability of black truffle and other edible fungi in commercial plantations.
  • Improving propagation of woody species with rooting problems.