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Molecular Markers applied to pest control

This service is aimed at companies with arthropod mass rearings, food companies, plant protection services and customs.

The goal is to detect and/or to identify arthropod species associated with pest control by molecular methods.

We have an equipped laboratory for molecular analysis.


›› Identification of insects and other arthropods morphologically unidentifiable stages (eggs, larvae, etc.).
›› Detection and identification of parasitism in insect pest. 
›› Detection and identification of arthropods and plants eaten by other arthropods. 
›› Detection of the presence of arthropod pests or their remains in stored products. 


›› Mass rearings: quality control of arthropod mass rearings, in terms of species determination and fecundity. 
›› Customs: detection and identification of potential pests and quarantine insects. 
›› Food: detection and identification of pests or their biological remains in food products.


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