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Koroneiki IRTA i -38®


Main olive oil cultivar from Greece.


Outstanding characteristics


  • Vigor: Medium
  • Growth habit: Open
  • Canopy density: Compact
  • Precocity bearing: Early
  • Productivity: High
  • Fructification: In clusters
  • Maturation: Medium-Late

Fruit (Catalan orchard under irrigation hedgerow system)

  • Size (g): 0,90 ± 0,14
  • Flesh/stone ratio: 3,44 ± 0,84
  • Oil content(% wd): 22,9 ± 0,8
  • Oil content(% db): 52,4 ± 3,4

Virgin Oil

    • Fatty Acids(%)


      • palmitic C16:0 11,4


      • stearic C18:0 2,51


      • oleic C18:1 76,6


      • linoleic C18:2 6,89


      • linolenic C18:3 0,93


    • mono/polyunsaturated ratio10,0
  • Total Polyphenol (ppm cafeic acid): 400
  • Bitterness (K225): 0,45
  • Stability (hours at 120ºC): 15,23

Sensorial Profile

Intense green fruited extra virgin oil, very rich in secondary aromas, with olive leaves and mixed vegetables flavors, like artichokes. The bouquet presents mainly the dominating sensations of spicy, bitterness and astringency, although there persists a clear note of sweetness which contributes to the maintenance of a pleasant sensorial balance.

Global evaluation

Early bearing productive cultivar. It is quite drought-resistant but frost-sensitive. Tolerant to “Olive Leaf Spot” (Spilocaea oleagina). It has a very small fruit which ripens between “Arbequina” and “Arbosana”. “Koroneiki i-38” produces commercially appreciated extra virgin oils, with characteristic intense green color, rich in oleic acid, polyphenols and bitter components that contribute to its long self-life.

Koroneiki i-38

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