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IRTASIM is an application for determining drying parameters for meat products, sausages and / or simulate drying processes.

IRTASIM is a tool to predict product characteristics during processing, such as water loss/time, water content profiles, e.g., depending on the conditions during the drying process. Free on-line access.



1. Drying processes simualtion

  • Free on-line access IRTAsim
  • Purchase of IRTAsim simulation software
  • Process simulation assistance

2. Isoterm Determination

  • Determination of food water activity (aw) and sorption isotherms

3. Dynamic Fluid Simulation

  • Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Simulation of air and fluids flow, heat and mass transfer / transport in food processes. For example: Dryers, refrigerators, etc.

4. Real processes Simulation and Control

  • Study and improvement of complex processes using simulation tools. Development of advanced control systems and sensors for the food industry.



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