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Greenhouse Park


The greenhouses are located at the Torre Marimon IRTA Centre, in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona.


The infrastructure is composed of 4 greenhouses, three of them are dedicated to agronomic activities and the fourth one is the Service Zone that hosts the irrigation machinery, the store room and the working area.

The surface of each greenhouse is as follows:
›› Shading structure: 400 m2
›› Glass greenhouse type “Venlo”: 1.000 m2
›› Plastic greenhouse: 2.000 m2
›› Service Zone: 320 m2

The available surface for agronomic assays is 3.400 m2

›› 9 independent zones according to the fertigation type, including 94 drip irrigation sectors.
›› 8 physically independent cabins due to plastic hinged curtain walls, which can work as different climatic zones regarding temperature and radiation.
›› 3.000 m2 with heating and isolated with anti-insect netting.
›› 1.400 m2 with artificial lighting. Light intensity is 15.000 lux.
›› Zones that contain both elevated tables and open space to host different crop formats.


›› Possibility to grow a wide variety of plant species, even out of their growing season.
›› Possibility to host agronomic assays that have to be isolated from the environment: breeding programs with directed crosses, crops that need insect proof barriers, etc.
›› Register of climate data for the control of the agronomic assays.
›› Trained personnel to manage the greenhouse and control the plants.
›› Agronomic service:
   • Climate settings at the cabin level for each particular need.
   • Control of the water resources and nutrition of the plants. Irrigation planning.
   • Control of the plant health. Detection of plagues and diseases.
   • Biological and/or plant health treatments.
   • Monitoring of the plant populations.
   • Help to adapt each agronomic assay to each greenhouse space.
›› Quotation of each assay to be performed in the greenhouse.
›› The facilities are open to host assays from private companies or external public institutions.

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