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Gep Efficacy Trials EOR 76/12

Efficacy studies for the registration of plant protection products should be performed according to good experimental practice (GEP). The primary aim of GEP is to ensure that trials developed to support any official registration present the highest quality standards. The IRTA is accredited to perform GEP efficacy trials by the Government of Spain, with official accreditation number EOR 76/12. The IRTA has a large scientific and technical staff with a wide experience in all kinds of agricultural trials. The IRTA also has its own infrastructure for carrying out trials (experimental fields, machinery, laboratories, cold rooms, field and laboratory workforce, etc.) This means that we are able to perform all kinds of product trials guaranteeing an optimal level of monitoring.

PRELIMINARY TESTS. Preliminary trials to arrive at the recommended doses, minimum effective dose trials and/or practical use trials.

EFFICACY TRIALS. Studies to assess the level, duration and consistency of controls or protection or other intended effects of the plant protection product being tested and its effect on yield.

PHYTOTOXICITY ASSESSMENT. Evaluation of side effects on plants, pests and beneficial and non-target organisms in both treated and subsequent crops.

PESTICIDE RESISTANCE TESTS. Trials to assess the occurrence and/or possible development of resistance to pesticides.

TRIALS ON QUALITY AND TAINT TESTS. Evaluation of quality parameters and/or with trained panels to provide evidence that the use of the product does not give a taint (unpleasant taste or smell) to the harvested or processed plant product. The IRTA has laboratory equipment and trained panels to assess fresh foods and processed foods.

COMPARABILITY REPORTS FOR MUTUAL RECOGNITION. Studies to determine comparability between Member States with comparable agro-climatic, plant health and environmental conditions in order to facilitate the registration/authorization of products through mutual recognition.

OTHERS. The IRTA also has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation which ensures the quality of the work carried out and the resulting reports.

We can also offer our experimental fields for demonstration trials and our collaboration in supporting commercial action.

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