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Molecular genetics applied to traceability and food safety


1. Identification of plants, animals or microorganisms using genetic fingerprinting.

2. Research on the activities of particular genes (proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics).

3. Traceability of microorganisms along the food chain by means of genetic probes (PCR, reverse transcription, real time PCR, RAPD-PCR).

4. Food quality assurance and food chain management.

  • Detection of food borne pathogens (real time PCR, multiplex PCR).
  • Detection of spoilage microorganisms (real time PCR, multiplex PCR).
  • Genetic traceability of starter cultures (fingerprinting, plasmid profile, RAPD-PCR).

5. Validation of new preservation technologies (pathogen challenge test)

  • Evaluation of high pressure product pasteurization.
  • Evaluation of microwave product pasteurization.
  • Evaluation of new bio preservatives.
  • Evaluation of other emerging and/or mild technologies such as Cold Plasma, Radiofrequencies, Electric or Light Pulses, etc.


  • Microbiological evaluation.
  • Behaviour of pathogens in different conditions, products, etc.
  • Behaviour of selected starter cultures, implantation studies.
  • Suitability of selected strains for selected products.