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Genetics and animal breeding (Pig)

Genetics and Animal Breeding Programme is a highly qualified service-oriented research team that develops projects and contracts for selection, artificial insemination, production and/or transformation companies, as well as for producer associations and public administrations.


  • Evaluation, characterization and genetic improvement of pig populations.
  • Study of the genetic architecture of traits of economic and social interest in pigs.
  • Development and application of statistical methodologies that can be applied to research in quantitative genetics and genomics, as well as to the genetic improvement of animal populations.
  • Structural and functional genomics.


  • Advice and technical management of breeding programs for companies.
  • Genealogical management of selection populations.
  • Genetic evaluations for productive, reproductive, functional and end-product quality traits.
  • Identification of breeding pigs and pedigrees validation through DNA analyses.
  • Genomics Laboratory.
  • Testing Center with automatic control of individual intake.