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Fertilitzation advice and support on arable crops

Support to:

Arable farms:

  • Personalized advice on fertilization.

Farmers associations or cooperatives and advising institutions:

  • Training of the technical staff of the group on the fertilization advice methodology and the use of decision tools.


Manure and slurry application to crops.

  • Evaluation of the nutrient content of slurries using quick field tests, prior to application.
  • Definition of the optimal application rates for manures and slurries, adjusted to each single farm and field, in the adequate moment according to its needs.
  • Assessment on recommended machinery for proper field distribution of manure and slurry, including dressing applications of slurry, on top of established crops.

Fertilization recommendations at field level.

Personalized advice on crop fertilization at field level for:

  • Winter crops (wheat, barley, triticale, rape-seed, etc.).
  • Summer crops (maize, sorghum, sunflower, etc.).
  • Forage crop rotations (rye-grass, maize, oats, sorghum, etc.).

Organic and mineral fertilization recommendations at different times of application.

  • Accounting of previous field management, soil characteristics, available types of fertilizers, etc.
  • Elaboration of a detailed nutrient budget, for each field, for N, P and K at sowing and for N at dressing.
  • Periodical survey of crop development through optical sensors measurements for late dressing application recommendations.
  • Especial recommendations to increment protein content on wheat oriented to quality flour production.
  • Assessment on fertigation through drip or sprinkler irrigation.

Detailed reports with the recommendation and advices elaborated.

Adaptation of fertilization advises when Integrated Crop Production is followed.

Training of advisers.

  • Methods for fertilization advising. Adaptation to main crops on each farmers group.
  • Available tools and adapted software.
  • Field and technical visits.

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