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Environmental marine survey and food safety

The principal aim of the Environmental Marine Survey Unit (SMM) in harvesting areas is the monitoring of environmental quality and the identification of hazard situations with the commitment to reduce the risk of food poisonings associated with the consumption of aquaculture products.

SMM prioritizes the development of new methodologies of analysis, functional, instrumental and cellular toxicology applied to the monitoring of harvesting areas, analysis of food products and to the identification of new toxins and bioactive compounds.

Our activities are principally directed to the Administration and companies of the sector (Aquaculture, food safety and environment) and to laboratories and companies orientated to the development of new biotechnological tools applied to the detection of active compounds.




    • Environmental marine survey: oceanographic and biological information, identification of phytoplankton: Evaluation of phytoplankton under ISO 17025 ACREDITATION (issued by ENAC with number 900/LE 1796).


    • Food Safety: determination of microbiological agents (Evaluation of E. coli under ISO 17025 ACREDITATION, issued by ENAC with file number 900/LE 1797), of marine toxins (Evaluation of lipophilic and amnesic toxins under ISO 17025 ACREDITATION, issued by ENAC with file number 900/LE 1797) and pollutants in food.


    • Identification of bioactive compounds.


    • Microalgae culture.


    • Studies of citotoxicity.


    • Development of analytical methods, instrumental, functional and cellular toxicology for the identification of bioactive substances.


  • Development of biosensors.




    • Characterization of harvesting areas for aquaculture and improvement of their activities.


    • Establishment of preventive actions to guarantee the quality of the product and consumer protection.


    • Identification and production of bioactive substances.


    • Production of reference material with toxins and characterization of its’ toxic potential.


  • Development of identification methods directed to the food industry.

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