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Food packaging

Researc areas:

›› Optimisation of:

  • food packaging materials.
  • existing packaging technologies
  • modified atmosphere packaging.

›› Development of:

  • biodegradable materials.
  • active and intelligent packaging systems.
  • food coatings.

›› Improvig:

  • food safety and food hygiene through packaging.

Laboratories and facilities:

›› Physical, chemical and microbiological laboratories for food analysis.
›› Materials testing equipment.
›› Headspace gas, leak and hermeticity analysers.
›› Surface coating applicator (lab coater).
›› Liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS) and sensory

›› Microwave ovens::

  • with temperature sensors.
  • with IR thermography camera.

›› White room and packaging equipment: modified atmosphere, skin, tray-skin, flow-pack and vacuum.
›› Pilot plant for food processing.
›› Pilot plant for emerging food processing technologies.
›› Display cabinets for shelf life studies..


›› Materials characterisation (mechanical tests, leak tests, sealability, etc.).
›› Solutions to technical problems with packaging (pilot plant and in situ studies).
›› Studies:

  • food-package interaction: migrations (chemical and sensory).
  • machinability of new materials in packaging pilot plant.
  • biodegradability/compostability.
  • Shelf life of packaged foods. Challenge tests.

›› Packaging solutions adapted to specific preservation technologies (pasteurisation, sterilisation, oven, MAP, microwave and high pressure).
›› Food packaging in white room.
›› Packaging solutions according to the food product and distribution chain.
›› Technological advice to companies and training adapted to each client.