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Development of plant material of bread wheat, durum wheat and barley


1. Candidate lines for companies associated to our breeding programmes

  • Shared property rights.
  • Licensing marketable varieties.


    • Registration of new varieties as co-property with IRTA.


    • Exploitation license for varieties already released by IRTA


    • Variety description and procedures for inclusion in the list of commercial and protected varieties of the OEVV (Spanish Plant Variety Office).


  • Advice to companies for the development of technical information about the varieties for commercial diffusion.

2. Advanced lines for companies associated to our breeding programmes

  • Advanced full developed lines from a modified-pedigree breeding method to be released as property of the company.


    • Supply, in amount to be agreed, of segregating germplasm of advanced generations for its selection and registration by the company.


  • Level of homozygosis of the supplied material to be agreed with the company.

3. Cross breeding and early generations

  • Crosses and development of segregating material from early generations.


  • Parentselection and breeding methodology to be determined by the company.