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Development of microorganisms with food and agricultural interest


1. Research and isolation of microorganisms with biocontrol activity.

2. Characterization of microorganisms to different environmental conditions: temperature, water activity, controlled atmosphere (CO2, O2, …).

3. Optimizing the production of microorganisms (solid or liquid products):


    • Determination of the best culture medium from product quality and economic points of view (industry by-products use possibilities).


  • Optimization of growth conditions (temperature, humidity, pH, Aeration, agitation, inoculum, duration process, etc.).

4. Stabilization or formulation of microorganisms:


    • Study the best process of formulation: Liquid or solid (freeze-drying, spraydrying, fluidized bed-drying, vacuum, encapsulation, etc.).


    • Product shelf life.


  • Product package (type of packaging and storage conditions: temperature, atmosphere, etc.).

5. Improvement of micro-organisms.

The microorganisms are living beings that may show great sensitivity in front environmental stress conditions. The behavior of these microorganisms may be enhanced by the addition of appropriate substances or by their physiological adaptation to stress conditions.




    • Isolation of a biocontrol agent for a specific use and development of the product until pre-marketing level.


    • Stabilization: Optimization of production, formulation and/or improvement of client’s microorganism.


  • Improvement and adaptation to new conditions of use of a microorganism. Possibility of broaden the spectrum of use.

The microorganisms can be bacteria, yeasts or molds, and used in various applications such as soil, food, water and biocontrol agents.


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