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Development and validation of diagnosis and control tools for bacterial diseases

Technological offer for private companies and public institutions with interest in developing new tools for the diagnosis and control of bacterial diseases.


  • Development of improved diagnosis tools for the detection of one or more specific pathogens simultaneously.
  • Characterization of bacterial strains by genotypic and phenotypic methods, including virulence factors and antimicrobial resistances.
  • Development of animal models for bacterial diseases and vaccine trials.
  • Studies of microbiota from different mucosal surfaces, by classical methods and metagenomics, and identification of possible probiotics.
  • Effect of feed, feed additives or other treatments (including antimicrobial treatments) in animal health and food safety.
  • Development and validation of diagnosis and control tools for bacterial diseases.



  • Possibility of working with the target animal model, under controlled experimental conditions and under field conditions.
  • Experience working under Good Laboratory and Good Clinical Practices (GLP and GCP).



  • Animal models for testing methods for the control of bacterial diseases, including vaccine and antimicrobial efficacy trials.
  • New probiotics for animal health.
  • Validation of new diagnostic tools.
  • Partnering as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) or for research projects.


Examples of previous achievements

  • Patent 200502296(9). Development and validation of a PCR for the simultaneous detection of Haemophilus parasuis and the identification of virulent strains.
  • Identification of two surface proteins of parasuis with role in virulence (phagocytosis resistance).
  • Identification of bacterial strains with probiotic effect.


Download all the services at IRTA-CReSA (PDF)

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