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Design and development of experimental vaccine prototypes

Technological offer upon request serving private businesses and public institutions interested in designing and developing new vaccine prototypes for animal and human purposes.


  • Scientific consulting leading to design the most appropriate immunization strategy, adapted to the etiology of the pathogen and to the protective immune mechanisms.
  • In silico prediction of potential vaccine candidates, including epitope prediction (B and T).
  • Design and preparation of vaccine prototypes: from inactivated and attenuated vaccines to recombinant subunit vaccines.
  • Design and performance of in vivo studies: from safety and immunogenicity assays to efficacy studies in small and large animals.



  • Multidisciplinary team of researchers: from the basics to the field.
  • BSL3 infrastructures: controlled containment facilities.



  • New vaccine prototypes for large animals (commercial purposes).
  • Proof of concept and validation of candidates for new human vaccines.
  • Know how transfer.
  • Partnering as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) or for research projects.

Examples of previous achievements

  • Patent 200502296(9). Experimental vaccine against Haemophilus parasuis obtained by reverse vaccinology.
  • Patent P26002ES00. Characterization of specific CD8 T-cell epitopes from African swine fever virus with protective potential.
  • Experimental vaccine prototypes against: Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus, porcine circovirus type 2, classical swine fever virus, African swine fever virus, porcine and avian influenza Viruses, foot-and-mouth disease virus, Haemophilus parasuis, Mycobacterium spp, Gumboro, Rift Valley fever virus and many others.


Download all the services at IRTA-CReSA (PDF)

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