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Consultancy service for the transfer and innovation of technoloy in aquaculture

IRTA, Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona), offers a consultancy service for technological innovation to the aquaculture sector (suppliers, producers, universities, research institutions and administration).




    • Feasibility assessment of aquaculture facilities


    • Custom design of components and facilities (executive projects).


    • Diagnosis energy usage and efficiency.


    • Study, design and integrated management of automation projects through development of applications and software for control, monitoring and supervision of processes.


    • Transfer of recirculation technology.


    • Technology transfer for land and sea based culture.


    • Techniques for reproduction, larval culture and ongrowing.


    • Education and training for farmers and technicians at national and international level.


  • Internship programs in the facilities of IRTA with technicians and researchers.
  • Training of staff, technicians and specialists in the company’s own facilities.




    • All equipment and facilities are designed, manufactured and IRTA tested.


  • Facilities compared and tested in different research centres and aquaculture companies.

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