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Cereal and fooder quality analyses


  • Physico-chemical characterization of grains and flours.
  • Evaluation of plastic and rheological properties of the mass.
  • Genetic characterization of grain storage proteins.
  • Conditioning and grinding of fodder samples for the analysis and quantification of dry matter.

Available analyses

  • Moisture.
  • Test weight.
  • Protein content in grain and flour.
  • Ash content.
  • Milling yield.
  • Grain and semolina color.
  • Vitreousness.
  • Biometry, pearling and whiteness of rice.
  • Gluten strength (sedimentation test).
  • α-amylasic activity (falling number).
  • Rheologic properties (alveogram).
  • Electrophoresis of prolamins.

Applicable to:

  • Testing of varieties and inbred lines.
  • Assessment of the effects of new agronomical practices.
  • Quality control in small and mid-size companies.