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Carcass quality and pig classification methods


1. Calibration and validation of pig carcass classification devices:


  • On-line semi-automatic probes (Fat-O-Meater, Ultrafom, etc.)
  • On-line fully-automatic methods (Autofom, VCS2000, etc.).
  • Computerized tomography.

2. Pig carcass evaluation


  • Evaluation of proteins and lipids of the carcass.
  • Composition and proportion of the primal cuts and carcasses by means of cutting or computed tomography.

3. Evaluation of animal body tissues in vivo by computerized tomography


  • Intramuscular fat, fat and muscle thickness areas, etc.
  • Evaluation of fat and lean content and distribution.




  • Evaluation of pig genetic breeding.
  • In vivo determination of intramuscular fat.
  • Validation of intramuscular fat on-line determination probes.
  • Distribution patterns of different tissues in the body, depending on age, sex,genetics, diet, etc.

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