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Athropod colony maintenance and evaluation of insecticides and repellents

Arthropod colony maintenance and evaluation of insecticides and repellents performed to the IRTA-CReSA expertise at the request of the customer.


Establishment and maintenance of arthropod colonies

  • Biosafety level 2 insectarium facilities for autochthonous species to perform insecticide and repellent tests
  • Biosafety level 3 insectarium facilities for both exotic and autochthonous species for vector competence studies, pathogens transmission blocking strategies studies and others.


Laboratory evaluation of insecticides

  • Susceptibility and resistance laboratory test conducted with the World Health Organization (WHO) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conditions.


Laboratory evaluation of repellents

  • Skin laboratory test with both technical grade material and commercial formulations, using WHO or EPA conditions.

Examples of previous achievements

  • De novo establishment of mosquito colonies (genus Culex, Aedes and Anopheles) and Culicoides, for both exotic and autochthonous species.
  • Breeding of arthropods and secure manipulation under biosafety level 2 (BSL2) laboratories and BSL3 for exotic species.
  • Available colonies for albopictus, Ae. aegypti, Cx. pipiens and Culicoides nubeculosus.
  • Insecticide susceptibility tests (WHO) for mosquitoes and Culicoides.
  • Skin repellent tests (WHO) on human volunteers for mosquitoes.


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