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Arbequina IRTA i-18®


Clone obtained at IRTA in 1998, through clonal selection of the cultivar “Arbequina” in Catalonia (NE of Spain).This is the first original “Arbequina” clone with sanitary and varietal guarantees, and proven successful in the different olive climates around the globe.


Outstanding characteristics


  • Vigor: Low
  • Growth habit: Semi-erect
  • Canopy density: Compact
  • Precocity bearing: Early
  • Productivity: Very high and regular
  • Fructification: In clusters
  • Maturation: Medium

Comparison of accumulated production (kg/ha) for the clone IRTA-i·18® and “Arbequina” standard. Data obtained from a 12 years old orchard, in dry training in Catalonia (500 mm rainfall) and with a tree density of 370 trees/ha.

Fruit (Catalan orchard under irrigation hedgerow system)

  • Size(g): 1,72 ± 0,18
  • Flesh/stone ratio: 4,31 ± 0,59
  • Oil content (% wb): 21,9 ± 1,0
  • Oil content (% db): 54,4 ± 2,5

Virgin Oil(average data obtained in Catalonia)

  • Fatty Acids (%)
    • palmitic C16:0 14,5
    • stearic C18:0 1,5
    • oleic C18:1 69,4
    • linoleic C18:2 11,1
    • linolenic C18:3 0,72
    • mono/polyunsaturated ratio6,2
  • Total Polyphenols (ppm cafeic acid): 234
  • Bitterness (K225): 0,21
  • Stability (hours at 120ºC): 9,10

Sensorial Profile

Medium fruited extra virgin olive oil with an outstanding sweet aspect, that leads to the perception of other milder attributes like spicy or bitterness, indicating the presence of polyphenols. Secondary aromas are also present, like green grass and green almonds, with added ripe fruits notes. It presents outstanding varietal characteristics when freshly pressed at the start of the campaign that are also evident in blends to improve its stability.

Global evaluation

Very productive cultivar, early bearing and slightly alternating. It is considered to be rustic, frost-resistant and adaptable to different climatic and soil conditions. Very adaptable to intensive and hedgerow orchards. Its semi-erect growth habit facilitates its training in central leader. ‘Arbequina i-18’ produces a medium fruited extra virgin oil, balanced in the mouth, where the sweet attribute is outstanding, very appreciated by the new consumers. Its commercialization can be monovarietal or in coupage with other oils.

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