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Aquatic Ecosystems

At Aquatic Ecosystems we study fluvial, estuarine, deltaic and coastal processes, focusing our activities on rivers, wetlands (Ebre delta) and coastal lagoons.

Being experts in research on global change and its impacts on aquatic and coastal ecosystems, we study for example the effects of climate change on deltas, the impacts of invading species on aquatic ecosystems and the production of bio-fuels based on micro-algae cultivation.



  • Development and application of ecological quality indicators for surface waters (rivers, estuaries and coasts).
  • Management and control of invading species in aquatic ecosystems, i.e. zebra mussel, black fly, chironomids, aquatic plants and fish.
  • Management of fishery in coastal and fluvial ecosystems.
  • Monitoring and management of sediments in rivers, reservoirs and coastal areas.
  • Impacts of climate change on aquatic and coastal ecosystems.
  • Use of aquatic species for the production of bio-fuels.

Values for our clients

  • Our multidisciplinary team of experts in aquatic ecology, conservation biology, hydro-morphology and modelling allows us to confront the challenges within our work field.
  • We are members of international networks and maintain scientific relationships with the most important institutions and research centers on Aquatic Ecology all over the world.


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