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Aquatic Animal Health

Analysis of prevention strategies and their application to aquaculture practices:

  • Consumers and retailers.
  • Feed and additive producers.
  • Fish farmers.
  • Aquatic animal health agencies.
  • Conservationist bodies.



    • Detection and identification of bacterial flora.
    • Detection and identification of main risk factors.
    • Design and application of health management programs.
    • Trials for experimental infections.
    • Efficacy and safety tests for vaccines and other health products.
    • Diagnostic capacity for pathogens.


    • Several labs which can be used for:


    • Testing probiotics (especially those directly applied via the water).
    • Testing antibiotics.
    • Isolation and confirmation of pathogen identity from challenge tests.
    • Diagnosis of public health-related pathogens




    • Test feeds with immunoadditives.


    • Test feeds with probiotics.


    • Test oral vaccines (or any other type of vaccine).


  • Test medicinal products.

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